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The Hotels & Tourism practice at Yehuda Raveh & Co is one of the largest in Israel. For more than 30 years, the firm has represented local and international hotel chains, and currently represents a significant number of hotel owners throughout Israel, providing legal services for hotel operations and construction projects. 

The Hotels & Tourism team possesses extensive experience in drafting hotel management agreements, franchise agreements and leaseback and maintenance agreements with apartment hotel owners, or owners within hotel complexes. Over many years of practice, the team has established a solid specialization in dealing with relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Tourism and its legal department, local licensing authorities, municipalities, the Israel Land Administration, and various building and planning authorities. For the past decade, Yehuda Raveh & Co has represented the Israel Hotel Association, providing a range of legal services, such as hotel business licensing, music copyright and performance rights in hotels, hotel accessibility for people with disabilities, and the new regulations of the Ministry of Tourism for the reinstatement of the star rating method in Israel.

As legal representative for some of the largest hotel companies, both in Israel and abroad, Yehuda Raveh & Co has handled a vast range of hotel management and maintenance agreements, in addition to the extensive legal demands that are typical of the "Pre-Opening" period of the hotel.

The Hotels & Tourism team is comprised of experienced lawyers with a commitment to professional excellence, each focusing on specialized areas of expertise, such as hotel labor law; intellectual property and licensing as it relates to the hotel industry; commercial, marketing and maintenance agreements; agreements with apartment owners; and more. 

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